About Charles Byrne The Irish Giant

Charles Byrne -- The Irish Giant When ordinary, decent people are made aware of Charles Byrne and his predicament their sense of Justice is offended. Because of his physical difference, Charles Byrne -The Irish Giant, has been condemned to be displayed in a glass case ad infinitum, somewhere within the hallowed halls of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. Among freakish exhibits such as two-headed goats and syphilitic penises in formaldehyde, Charles Byrne's skeleton has been standing for more than two hundred and thirty years.

Here’s What You Can Do



Here’s a campaign the Irish Diaspora should get behind. With the celebration for 1916 already in danger of turning into a meaningless political wank-fest here’s an imprisoned Irish citizen ignored by the governments of both Britain and Ireland. It will take The People’s voice to demand justice for this forgotten soul. With millions of people around the World claiming Irish blood it’s time we did something more positive with the power of the Diaspora. Tweet, retweet, email, post, write but for the sake of our imprisoned fellow decide to do something positive with the power of Social Media. This is something you can make happen. Free Charles Byrne The Irish Giant now ! Go here to see what you can do


Free Charles Byrne The Irish Giant


This short animated documentary forms the key-stone of an online campaign to free Charles Byrne – The Irish Giant. We demand that Charles Byrne’s body be immediately removed from public display and returned to the Irish state to be given a dignified and long overdue burial at sea. It’s time to let him go.